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Next Parish Council Meeting

The parish council AGM will be held on Wednesday, 11th May 2022 at 7.00pm, Debden Village Hall, followed by the Annual Village Meeting at 8pm. All welcome. Please arrive at the meeting 15 mins before the meeting is due to commence.

The next parish council meeting will be held on Wednesday, 29th June 2022 at 8.00pm, Debden Village Hall. If you have a question for the parish council, please submit by email or call, by 10 pm on Mon 27th June to the chair: Tel: 01799 540721

Please note that this is a meeting of the Parish Council at which important items of business are conducted. The public are welcome to attend to observe the proceedings. There is a public participation session on the agenda where we invite members of the public to raise questions on items which appear on the agenda. The Council is not obliged to answer questions but will endeavour to do so, where possible.  

Please arrive at the meeting 15 mins before the meeting is due to commence.

Precept Increase Statement


Stephanie WatsonChair

(Events, Pavilion, Neighbourhood Watch) 01799 540721

April Gardner – Vice Chair and Acting Clerk
(Playground, Publicity) 01799 542288

(Playground, Publicity, website) 01799 542288

Clive Bunting
(Open spaces and Allotments) 01799 5402239

Charlotte Diggins
(Debden Parish Pump Magazine, Debden School and Publicity) 01799 541270

Brian Lindsell – Interim RFO
(Footpaths, Transport, Rights of Way, Wimbish Station/Carver Barracks) 01799 542569

Stewart Luck 01799 540866

Jeanette O’Brien
(Village Hall, Shop & Neighbourhood plan) 01799 542881