The Debden Local History Recorders Group was formed in early 2009 by a small group of people interested in the history of Debden and Debden Green.

We operate in conjunction with the Recorders of Uttlesford History (RUH) in promoting their aims which are to collect, record, research, and make available to the public historical material relevant to the village of Debden and Debden Green.

To date we have collected a large number of old documents and photographs that have been scanned and recorded and which offer an interesting insight into Debden life in years gone by. Many of the photos are displayed in this website’s Gallery, and copies can be obtained by contacting  debdenhistory@btinternet.com

Research and recording work is ongoing; at present we are looking at events such as the 1907 Fire of Debden, the places of worship in the village and the work of the Debden charities and recording the voices of long standing residents.

If you have any old documents or photographs relating to the life of Debden in the past please make the Group aware so that they can be scanned and recorded for the benefit of future generations.

As an outcome of the research, talks have been arranged for our members and the general public. Many of these focus on creating a picture of village life in Debden: these have included a study of the censuses 1841- 1901, the timber framed houses and the “missing” houses; outcomes of research on birth, marriage and death records in Debden from 1700 to the present day. From time to time we also hold exhibitions and other events.

The Group now has approximately 50 paid up members. Membership is open to all at the cost of: £6.00 single, £10.00 for two people in the same household and families with two children under 16. New members always welcome.

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